What I Do Here

Hi all. I start producing car review videos because, as an enthusiast and a television producer, I was disappointed in what I saw on TV and the web. It was either bad information, poor video quality or rambling hosts. My goal from the very start when Driven began at KING Television in Seattle was to give people reviews with solid information without being dull.

Turns out, there was a demand. In 2013 The New York Times rang me up to produce Driven videos for them. The series has won multiple Emmy Awards. I’ve been stopped in the most unlikely places (Japan, Cuba and France) by people saying they love the pieces. Crazy!

But what’s most important to me is getting the essence of a car right. The average cost of a new vehicle is $38,000 these days. It’s my responsibility to let you know the good and the bad. I might miss something important to you. And as a one man operation, there are rare occasions I get things wrong. This keeps me up at night. So I stress that you should look at multiple reviews of any vehicle on your short list to get different takes.

Special thanks to Martin Campbell and Rob Callero who drive the cars so I can get running footage. And of course my wife Mariko who thinks I work way too much to produce this content but supports me anyway because she knows it’s my passion to get it right.

And let me close by saying these reviews are my opinion. Don’t ask me what “the best car” is because there is no “best car”. Only the best car for you. I don’t understand your design preferences, budget, family situation or the way you’ll use the vehicle. But I can tell you that most people don’t test drive enough vehicles. There have never been so many high quality cars, SUVs and pickups on the market. It can be argued that the worst vehicles made today are as good as the best ones were 15 years ago. People that don’t test drive AT LEAST three vehicles or attend an auto show to check out everything in a certain segment are only cheating themselves. My best advice is this- Buy the car you love.

See you on down the road- Tom Voelk